R2-D2 upskirt… oh my!

R2-D2 upskirt… oh my!


“Yes Man,” Starring Darth Vader // by OneMinuteGalactica

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Han Solo For Hire // via adventurevisual

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Chewbacca Supercut at Migrating Forms Film Festival

A while ago I posted my Chewbacca Supercut - the Star Wars Saga edited down to only clips with Chewie onscreen. Something I did for my own amusement. I just found out that the Migrating Forms Film and Video Festival (formerly the New York Underground Film Festival) wants to show my video during their “The Art of the Supercut” presentation! Hilarious! So, If you’re in the New York area, go check it out!

Thursday, May 26

The Art of the Supercut

Re-edit master and pop culture parser Rich Juzwiak (fourfour.typepad.com, VH1) presents a program of his influences and favorites. Followed by a screening of Curt Hanks epic Star Wars: Chewbacca Supercut




Chewy // by Justin Volpe

Needle Felted Wool Sculpture

It’s been one of those days…

It’s been one of those days…

I’d just as soon get felt-up by a Wookiee!

I’d just as soon get felt-up by a Wookiee!


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Happy Valentine’s Day from Scoundrel!

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